Living far away but having your heart on Lasqueti!

So like it has snowed another 8 inches and it is still snowing so Lasqueti looks so good from far away! I hear the daffys are out and the lambs are already looking like food! People are planting gardens on Lasqueti but we wont see the ground for another month maybe more and wont be able to plant for a month after that!  So if and when we do get back  to Lasqueti are we going to be right on time for the earth quake or will it by pass  the coast and Lasqueti and hit south of San Fransisco!? Well we are all going to leave this world so the point is to live life to the fullest  and leave something loving and good behind! It is recorded that only ten percent of people if that get to do what they are passioate about!! So sad!  Just what are we in existence for!  Have we lost sight of the bigger picture and wrecked everything with our mini-kingdoms and personal agendas! 



Nice Job on the Web upgrade. Easy to use.
Been neck deep in the yoke of oppression Harper is trying to ram on our shoulders from Petro /China. They have been running train loads of pipe past Wetaskiwin for several yrs here. Must have a massive stock pile some where! OR they are already been laying it for yrs. Heard one idea a few yrs back one of the big oils suggested running a tunnel from Texas to our NWTerritiries. Pipe down oil, gas AND WATER with a rail and highway. Maybe that would eliminate a lot of surface spills???? Lots of security be around that. Been finding out that a few people who have built alternate energy engines and clean sources of energy have been black listed and some have just dissapeared.
We have to get away from car worship! Cars gas and oil are the death of us. People actually think they are free when they get in a car and drive down the road. Auto Companies and big oil have kept us in the dark ages of technology and inventiness. The first thing Albertan kids want is to drive. Our cities and towns are so ugly cause they are all laid out for cars. We really can do better and build a more beautiful future!

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