A big thank you to our lovely community

I would like to thank eveyone that helped Keegan in her dream of ski racing.

Keegan made tie-dye t-shirts this summer and sold them at the market, Fireman's picnic, and at rock show. So thank you for your support. Also I would like to thank eveyone that came to our night of entertainment and those who donated to Keegan's program.

I will try to keep the island updated on her results. So far she has gone to Apex mt for training and is heading up to Whistler for a race this weekend. She is very excited about the upcoming season.

If you would like any information on her progress or would like to ask her questions please feel free to call us at 250-333-8651

Thank you again, I am amazed at the love and support out community has

Jessie McCooey


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