Kit Dog

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KitBrigitte and I are off on a crazy adventure this weekend to find a new friend for Kaya.  As many of you know, our beloved China passed away over Christmas, and left a big hole in our hearts and our lives.  It's too much to expect a new pooch to fill that void, but we're going on a road trip this weekend to retrieve this fine looking young girl, named 'Kit', from L.A.

Kit is a 7 month old Malinois.  She was rescued from a shelter several months ago, and has been living in a foster home since. We're hoping she'll welcome a more permanent home on Lasqueti.

Luckily, we have friends in L.A. who are long overdue a visit.  We haven't been on a road trip in many years - it should be fun!

We've got all the bio-fuel stations on the I-5 mapped out, and hope to do most of the trip on B-50 and B-100, depending on what's available.


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