Flour Power...

I guess it all started when someone thumped a 20kg bag of organic whole wheat flour down and said,

"This is ridiculous, two months ago this cost $20 and now it's $40."

After looking at on-line grain prices for a while I realized that the prices were going up so people could make ethanol so other people could keep driving their SUV's.  I went looking for a piece of land with some semblance of fencing, and ended up contacting Peter and Suzi. They thought is was a great and suitably insane idea, so we proceeded.

Try finding wheat seed here. Took a while, but ended up with 50 lbs of grain, which was hand broadcast, and dragged in with a mess of tow chains hanging from a 2x6 towed behind an ATV.

"So how do we get it off the field," queried Pete.

"Simple," I replied, "if the geese, deer and sheep don't get it, I'll go to Alberta and come home with a little combine. One that the Albertans use to dethatch their lawns."

A few months after putting the word out to the rellies in Alberta, Jeff called,

"Found your machine and you'll like the price.  A friend bought it at the auction to use in a combine demo derby, but you can have it for a bottle of Gibsons."

2 B cont'd



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Looking forward to the next installment :-)

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