French Creek Bicycle Shed Open to All

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 Hi all,

Tired of hauling your bike over to French Creek on the ferry? Don't have a bike, but would love to use one to zip into Parksville or Qualicum Beach? 

Julie, our wonderful French Creek harbormaster, has built us a bike shed where we can store bicycles "on the other side." It has racks for hanging bikes--you supply the locks. The shed is right next to the harbormaster's office. If it's locked (shouldn't be) or you're unsure where it is, just stop by and ask Julie and her crew.

In addition, Peter will be placing a community bike or two in the shelter. It will be locked, and we're trying to work out the details of how to share access and generally encourage bicycle use on and off the island. 

This could include connecting people repairing and selling bikes with those who need them. Roger, for example, scored me a wonderful trail bike this summer. 

I'll be posting some pictures of the bike shed, inside and out, once I can get the button to let me upload.

Thanks and be well,


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We like cycling. On Lasqueti. On the Other Side. And we’d like to make it easier for our fellow community members to harness their peddle power as often as possible.

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