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Notice from  SEPTEMBER 2008 (from Peter's list)


The mural is up on the freight shed and I really want to thank everyone who helped make it happen:

 Matt and Anne (from the UK) who unloaded the plywood and Anne for helping to prime it, Nalia who finally gave-in to my persistence and worked up a fabulous drawing, Dave Wilcox who helped build the temporary support, Celene  who worked with me rain and shine for many days transferring the drawing and doing the underpainting;

 ALL THE PAINTERS: Sue Wheeler (friend, tea-maker and painter extraordinaire), The Amazing Darzolesko, Gavia, Charlotte, Dazy, Karla, Nalia, Madonna and Pheobe, Sheila, Jen McGown, Caroline, Bob B and Ronaldo, for collaborative painting, (a tricky business carried through with grace!);

 Cathe and Sue T. for varathaning and general mural-support and Mary for her big red truck;

 Maple Bay Don MacDonald (henceforth known as Superhero Don) for showing up at the hall one day and offering to create a framework and get it onto the freight shed and who actually went away and did it and supplied all the materials!

 Al for letting us use the ferry and getting up two Sunday mornings early to help,

Peter Johnson, Barry Churchill, Rocky, Dave Wilcox Mary Lou, John and Superhero Don for the installation.

 If I’m forgetting anyone, (which I probably am) please consider yourself thanked too. As always, there are so many people that show up and make things happen around here that it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s one reason why “there’s no place like home”.

 Love, *Sophia



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