News & Events for Lasqueti Ferry

Sept 17th 4pm and 5:30pm sailing cancelled due to weather



 Unfortunately the weather has come up massively and we are shutting down the 4pm and 530pm sailings 

 Wind is supposed to die down for tommorow 

Sept 17th 8am cancelled due to weather



 Due to weather conditions the 8am and 930am sailings are cancelled 


 Will look at the 11am 

Laundry onboard the ferry Saturdays


 Hello everyone,



 Just a reminder that with the new Transport Canada regulations we are locking the gate when we leave at lunch and at night. On laundry day (Sat) this means that you need to come and pickup your laundry before 7pm or it will be put on the dock.



September 6th 11:00am passes are out


 September 6th 11:00am sailing passes are out 


 Will be passes for the 2:30 and 5:30 

Aug 25th Masks mandatory onboard


Hello everyone,


 Affective Aug 25th till further notice masks for ages 12 and older are mandatory 





 Thank You

August 2nd extra sailing 6:45pm from False Bay


 Hello everyone,

  We will be doing a extra run on Monday August 2nd at 6:45pm from False Bay 



 Happy summer 

July 24th 4:00pm sailing boarding passes


Hello everyone,

  There will be boarding passes out for the 4pm sailing today July 24th 


 Also 2:30 and 5:30 sailings 

Covid 19 Update



 Hello everyone,

Masks are not required onboard the Centurion VII. Passengers are asked if they are not fully immunized to wear a mask. The crew Will not be asking for verification of vaccines. Please be considerate of your fellow passengers .

Regards Capt: Allan Knapp

No freight Thursday June 24th


Hello everyone,


 We have just painted the back deck of the ferry and it needs to cure before being used therefore we are restricting frieght for the day on Thursday 

 No lumber or building materials or anything that needs to be put on the back deck