Lasqueti Yacht Club


June 16 -  Sail Past

July 18  -  Spring Bay Races

September 28 - Annual General Meeting & Commodore's Ball



The LYC was formed to represent the interests of Lasqueti Island's boating community.

The Objectives of the Club are:

(i)  to promote, encourage and foster  the development of  yachting, both power, sail, and  all other  aquatic sports,

(ii)   to promote marine safety and develop seamanship and handling skills of small sail and motor craft with inclusion of safety course and instruction and all other legitimate activities in connection therewith,

(iii)   to foster a friendly and co operative spirit among its membership and association,

(iv)   to cultivate fraternal relationships with other yacht clubs,

(v)    to perpetuate the tradition and fine spirit of the sport of yachting and boating, and

(vi)    to arrange facilities for recreation  and events for its members and associates on a non-profit basis.

Current Directors

Doug Dobbyn – Commodore

Richard Chesham – Vice Commodore

Peter Steenbergen – Fleet Captain

Christine Hosford – Staff Captain

Tracee Carey - Treasurer

Sue Ashcroft - Secretary

Rear Commodore - Angus Ellis

Past Commodore - Karl Darwin

Gwen Bigsby - Director

Don Dempster - Director

Angus Ellis - Director

Ian Heath - Director

Jim Millicheap – Director


Every candidate for membership, where possible, shall be proposed and seconded by a Member or Associate member in good standing to whom the candidate shall be personally known.

All applicants for membership will use the form or forms provided by the Board of Directors. The properly and fully completed forms are to be forwarded to the Lasqueti Yacht Club c/o Membership Chairperson, Lasqueti, BC V0R 2J0, together with the prescribed one year membership fee.

The application will be investigated by the Membership Chairman and presented to the Board of Directors for a vote. The Board of Directors or membership committee who at their discretion may, by a 3/4- majority, vote to elect the applicant to membership in the Club. In the event of non- acceptance, all fees received by the Club shall be returned to the applicant.