Islands Trust

The Islands Trust is a federation of independent local governments, which plans land use and regulates development in the trust area.  The Lasqueti Local Trust Committee is responsible for Lasqueti and the surrounding small islands.

Each local trust committee has three members - two locally elected trustees, and one Executive Committee member who serves as Chairperson. A local trust committee is responsible for land use planning and regulation for its area of jurisdiction. Its responsibilities include preparation and adoption of official community plans, rural land use bylaws, zoning and subdivision bylaws, regulation of soil removal and deposit, and authorization of permits.

Lasqueti Island is a rural community. Please help us protect its natural beauty and integrity. Tread lightly on our small island. There are no camping sites on Lasqueti. Open fires are restricted. Water shortages can occur in the summer. Dogs running loose are a threat to wild and domestic life, and to themselves. Please control your dogs. The Islands Trust strives to preserve and protect the character and environment of the island. Bylaws do apply.

Local Trustees

Tim Peterson
tpeterson [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] bc
Phone: (250) 607-7094
Susan Morrison
smorrison [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca
Phone: (250) 333-8589


Mailing Address:
Islands Trust
700 North Rd
Gabriola Island, BC
V0R 1X3
Main: (250) 247-2063
Fax: (250) 247-7514