Troubleshoot your Wireless Intenet Service

Internet not working?

Step1. Turn your computer, router and aerial off. Then turn the aerial, router and computer back on, in that order. Wait for a count of 60 between turning each on.

Step 2. If still out of service contact a neighbour on the same access point to see if others are having problems.

Step 3. If more than one member is without connection then one of them should call the tech line and report the problem with pertinent details. 1.855.SOS.LIAS or 855.767.5427

Step 4. If the problem is at the member’s site then they will need to arrange to have it fixed themselves.


If you want an installer or the tech assistant or the network manager to come to your home then there is a $25.00 an hour charge with a $50.00 minimum. Call 1 855 767 5427, or if you can email, service [at] lias [dot] ca