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Request for information about derelict vessels in Lasqueti area

The Islands Trust is leading a push by coastal local governments to clean up the growing number of derelict vessels around the coast. I just received this request for information about derelict vessels in the Lasqueti area.

Report on first Lasqueti Trust Commmittee meeting

The Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting on Gabriola on January 12 lasted just over 30 minutes. The minutes will be prepared, adopted and posted before long. This is an informal report from me on what was discussed and decided at the meeting.

Islands Trust organization, staff & budget

There are three major divisions of the Islands Trust:  Trust Council, Local Trust Committees and the Islands Trust Fund.

Correction and links

The next Islands Trust Council meeting will be on Gabriola, not Galiano Island. It's still March 6 - 8.


Here are links to the Islands Trust web page with particular information:


Lasqueti Trust Committee January 12 meeting agenda package (16 pages)


New Trustee communicates

This is where I will be posting information about the Islands Trust, and particularly about the Lasqueti Trust Committee and the Trust Council. I'll post anything I think you might be, or possibly should be, interested in.  I'd love to receive feedback, either in person or by email or telephone 8785.

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