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No comprehensive review of Trust Policy Statement

The Islands Trust Council decided this week not to proceed with a comprehensive review of the Trust Policy Statement. Instead, we will review the Policy Statement in a measured way, as part of our regular business, over the rest of this term of office, addressing topics that we feel are most important.

We also adopted a budget for 2012-13 with no property tax increase.

Osland Nature Reserve Planning Open House

An open house meeting hosted by EBB Environmental Consulting Inc, contracted by the Islands Trust Fund, will be held at the Community Hall on Saturday between 2 and 3pm March 10.  The meeting is to provide the community an opportunity to provide input into the land use and conservation management plan being prepared for the John Osland Nature Reserve.

Agenda for Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting March 15, 11am at the Arts Centre

This is the agenda for the meeting. Sorry that the formatting is not perfect. The agenda and the full information package (90 pages, lots of background material) will be posted on the Islands Trust website on Tuesday. Times are estimates only, and should not be relied upon.


All Bio-fuels are not equal; some are worse than crude oil

Here are two brief articles from the Guardian Weekly, 10 Feb 2012, that put a perspective on the various fuels. The second indicates that there are lots of grades of “crude” oil, but points at a hopeful way to encourage use of the less damaging fuels.


Islands Trust Budget Comments & Policy Statement Review

Islands Trust Budget comments

Friday noon is the deadline to submit your comments on the proposed Islands Trust 2012-13 budget in time for the Financial Planning Committee to consider them.

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