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More well and water information

Last year I received a package of information on wells and water from the Trust office. It's all on-line. Here are the links.

Seawater intrusion challenges coastal communities 2

Here is page 2 of the document. Page 1 is located at

Draft Bylaw 95 - Subdivision Regulations

Hello Laura, Susan and Tim,

I have serious concerns about Draft Bylaw 95 - Subdivision Regulations, that you gave first reading today, and which will be sent out for referral.

Seawater intrusion challenges coastal communities

This attachment is page one of a two-page PDF document scan I made from the Washington State Department of Ecology, from an newsletter "Coastal Currents" Vol XV No 10  April 1991 with the above title.  Page 2 will be on my next blog entry.

oppen letter to PM and Premier on KM pipeline expansion

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I write to you because I am very concerned about your uncompromising support for the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion project, particularly as you expressed yourself so strongly and clearly at the Nanaimo public forum last Friday.

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