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the Santa Claus Story

So Santa Claus brings presents down the chimney to us. This is really an allegorical story of physiology that has been adapted from olden days when influential people were trying to tell us we could live happier, abundant, longer lives. Let’s look at what this really means and lightly investigate the scriptures. (see references)

Some information on cement and oceans

Some information about the affects of cement on oceans & climate

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False Attribution and Half-Truth

A letter to the PRRD Directors,

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World Peace

August 17, 2017
Dear Nikki and Darren,
Thank you very much for striving to bring peace into the Tucker Bay Public Water Access road that has been alarming us on Lasqueti for a few years.

I understand how owning property came along with a sense of ownership that really belongs in the dark ages and has caused people on both sides of similar situations to act stupidly.

More Shenanigans at the PRRD

After passing a motion to invite me to a meeting, confirming that invitations multiple times, and then having me travel from Lasqueti to Powell River (a 2 day round-trip, requiring 2 overnight stays), the PRRD Board shut me out of the meeting they themselves had invited me to attend.

What?  Why?  When? Who? How?  ???

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