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Kari-Ann Farrell memorial service

Those of you dating from the early 1970's in your Lasqueti journey will remember Kari-Ann Farrell, sweet daughter of Keray Farrell  and granddaughter of Allen and Sharie Farrell.  Kari died at the hospital in Powell River on Saturday, Feb.21. 2009 of pneumonia.  She was 40 years old. This is a terrible loss for her 17 year old daughter, Lily, and 7 year old Georgina.  And of course for the rest of her immediate and extended family.  There will be a service for Kari-Ann at Stubberfield's Funeral Home, 7221 Duncan St. in Powell River on Friday, March 6 at 1:00 PM.

wood gas burners

i was in contact with various islanders and lost all....

i am manufacturing wood gas generators that produce power from waste wood and water...no more hauling fuel..ever!

i can be reached at jamast [at] mail [dot] com and i'm looking forward to hearing from the many interested parties that contacted me before

we will have a working model very soon and i am interested in lasqueti for obvious reasons


comments to your posting

Gee Joseph what's with all this oriental sales stuff??? Do the move many Louis Vuiton bags to Lasquetians???

spammers at work...

some low-life web-bot has figured out how to sign up for an account and post spam comments.

One of my goals for the site has been to make it as simple as possible for people to contribute without having to jump through any hoops.  I'm working on a strategy to keep things simple, but block the spam-bots.    what a pain...

webmaster (at) lasqueti.ca

tv coverage

Just watched morning news and saw Lasqueti featured due to being off the grid. Kudos to Lasqueti residents for committing to a life off-grid. Inspiring and affirming.

passing of keri anne

I was saddened to hear of keray's loss. My family the barkers of powell river knew the farrells quite well in the early 70s. Please accept our sincere condolences.

I do not see any trouble with

I do not see any trouble with IE, it is okay. Though I must say I use IE 10 which is almost a new one.

Thanks Stephen...

appreciate the feedback. The site is more-or-less standards compliant, so as IE becomes more compliant, it should work better. The site was developed in the age of IE7 and IE8, both of which have substantial issues rendering some parts of the site correctly - glad to hear that has changed with the latest versions of IE!

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