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Vote Together

Sheila started an interesting discussion about vote splitting.

I want to continue that thread by recommending to anyone who will be voting ABC (Anything But Conservative) in the coming election to get detailed strategic voting information from the Vote Together website, so we can avoid vote splitting and defeat Harper.

Green Party info

This information was in response to my email asking about vote splitting. 


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Lasqueti punches above its weight in TransMountain pipeline hearing

The National Energy Board’s "public" process for Trans-Mountain pipeline is deeply flawed, and only allowed a select few  - just 1250 “Commentors” were allowed to address the board.   But amazingly, SEVEN Lasquetians were selected and wrote letters of comments - our contributions represent over 0.5% of all Commentors, though we only account for less th

From David Ham: Letter to PRRD Board Chair, re: Lasqueti Survey

From: David Ham <jdavid [dot] ham [at] gmail [dot] com>
Date: Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 1:01 PM
Subject: Lasqueti Survey
To: brabazon [at] shaw [dot] ca

Mr. Patrick Brabazon, Chair PRRD Board

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June 21 2015, the first day of PEACE

June 21 2015 is the first day of PEACE on our earth. July 21 is the second day of PEACE. August 21 is the third day of PEACE. During this three month period, governments are given the opportunity to start the process of re-allocating their military factory works and arms producing companies into fabricating new systems using new technology for peace, preserving jobs.

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