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The NESARA Transformation Part A

My homework task in Macroeconomics was to answer some economic questions truthfully  Sorry it comes from the US perspective but Canada will be affected as well.

Part A; High unemployment, interest rates near 0, inflation is about 2% annually, GDP growth less than 2% annually.

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Harper tries to control the CBC

The new Harper budget bill is going to do something crazy -- take hold of our public media and turn the CBC into a place where Harper's cronies could control the newsroom.

Glowing lambs born in Uruguay

Just what Lasqueti needs..... Glow in the dark sheep!


Scientists in Uruguay announced that they had genetically modified sheep such that the animals glow green in ultraviolet light.

The hazards of cardboard sheet mulching

It's spring and most folks are out and about in their gardens. And as usual the topic of sheet mulching with cardboard has come up. Everyone seems to think it's a great idea and a good way to get ride of all that extra cardboard.

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NESARA Desperately Floundering to Become Visible

NESARA is franticly trying to appear on earth right now. For the last two decades the grassroots secret underground societies have been putting structure in place trying to make it manifest. For 1000s of years the dark parasites have been influencing our lives to keep us unaware of the devious ways that they have regularly designed to keep things going in their favor.

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