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Looking for ride from Van to Lasqueti ☺

Looking for a ride on-island -best case tomorrow(Monday 23th ) Perhaps accomodation , too.

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28/04/2018 (5 days)

Our Isle & Times - May Issue Released

Event Date: 
May 7 2018 - 9:59am - 10:00am

Our Isle & Times - Deadline for May Issue

Event Date: 
Apr 27 2018 - 11:59pm

Young Family Seeking

Hi All,

I and my lady Sky have spent many months across various summers on Lasqueti Island. My partner and I regularly sail to the island and stay mostly on the south end but have moored all over the island. Mostly in Bath Tub bay on the south end across from Bull Island. We have met many of the homesteaders near that cove as well as plenty of people in town. My partner Sky knows a land owner there already, on the north end, but his name escapes me now and I'm posting this as a surprise for her as she is pretty bummed out about the banks news this past week
We feel a deep connection to the island when we are there and have been warmly received by the islanders. Our boat cat swam to the island one time and was returned by some anonymous, generous person to the BCSPCA on Vancouver island many months later after being found on their property though we do not know who did that but thanks from us and the swimming cat Tikka.

We currently live on the southern gulf islands. I am an electrical engineer and my partner a home care/youth care specialist. I garden though on the southern gulf island for a living, working a trade for our land space most of the time for the past six years. We recently have come into some money and work (I am making good bank in my electrical trade field again) and have been trying to get a loan from a bank for a property inquiry, after hopefully meeting some neighbors, on Main Road lot, 20.2 acres, to build our home, farm and family. Unfortunately, even with 25% down, we can't get a loan for there. The banks really don't like to loan for raw land on Lasqueti island apparently, for a house in the city though, they couldn't wait to put us into a life time of debt but that is not what we're after.

I'm writing because I hope to post on this forum to see if there is anyone with any connections to that land, or another deeded property of similar potential, that would like to meet us first and foremost and perhaps give us the opportunity to afford our dream on an island we feel deeply connected to. To farm and raise a life full, and by pass the banks who seem to own the dreams and potentials of society. We have the savings for something nice, and the drive to make it work. We are very self sustained with plenty of resources and knowledge here in the southern gulf islands, but its not the quietest place to raise our family. If you could grant us the time to talk, it would mean the world to us as we're not likely going to be sailing/ferrying there for the next few months to be able to post this ourselves in town. We'd love to be a part of this forward community if given the chance. Thanks for your time, Matt and Sky 250-537-0627 slowlygoing_crazy [at] hotmail [dot] com

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04/05/2019 (1 year)

Last Resort Society General Meeting

The Last Resort Society General Meeting will be Wednesday, April 18, at the Judith Fisher Health Centre, at 4PM. Please come add your input to the ongoing efforts to enhance our access to healthcare in our community.

April 13th 5:30 sailing running




 Weather has come down will be running the 5:30 sailing 

Centurion 7 annual Inspection May 10th

Event Date: 
May 10 2018





 The Centurion 7 will be going to Vancouver for its annual inspection on May 7th after scheduled runs. 

 Thursday May 10th no ferry service 

 May 11th regular shcudeled runs resume 

 Sorry for any inconvenience 

Lasqueti Island farming job



I am currently getting laid off from my position in communications and lining up a ESL job overseas in September. I spent a weekend here last year that was magical and wondering if anyone can put me in contact with a farm owner that would like to recruit a summer fruit picker so i can make a little cash have some accommodation until I travel and provide somewhat intellectual conversation with anyone I can meet .


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated and accepted.

"Round of golf on the soccer field anyone"?



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09/05/2018 (2 weeks)

Annual Ship Inspection for our ferry - no service April 24 through 26

Capt. Al phoned and asked me to post this notice: that the fourth year of the inspection cycle for our ferry, Centurion VII, requires that its shafts be pulled, and consequently an extra day is required for the annual inspection.

Soil Order April 16

The next soil order will be April 16
Please let me know by the 10th if you would like to receive any of the following. 250-240-7307 or pm me.
Prices are all taxes in Preorder only.
Oceans $12.00
My Soil $15.50
Blended Manure $6.50
Peat $30.00
Sunshine seeding mix $56.00
Gaia Alfalfa $54.55
Gaia All purpose 4-4-4 $97.70