Need Ride to French Creek Sunday Morning

Hello,  I am looking for a ride for Monique Nordine on Sunday morning.  She needs to be in French Creek by 11 AM to be able to attend her next performance.  Please give me a call - 250-792-5000 if you are going over on Sunday.  She is willing to pay for the ride.  Thanks. Kathy

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The Big Hoax

I don't have the source for this, but wanted to share.  Hoping the original author would see the value in spreading this meme....

What if climate change is just a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

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The Earth Spirit Returns

The Earth Spirit left us 2 years ago, as it needed to go to hospital, the Creation Light Ship. It had only 2-3% of its original energy remaining and could no longer stay in its integrity. The Creation Light Ship searched around and found another 27% of Earth’s original pieces. The rest had to be recreated from its original blueprint template.

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Goodbye Telus!

IF your home is covered by Rogers cell network, there is now a viable, affordable alternative to the Telus landline,

It's called the Rogers Wireless Home Phone.  NOT trying to sell anyone on this - just wanted to share our experience using it for a month now.

Aquaculture might affect Herring

Please see the attached letter for information and addresses to write in objection to the applications for new aquaculture licenses that would affect 22% of the herring on the BC coast. 

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