parking especially in False Bay

There has not been sufficient support for Ken Picard's idea of removing or limiting some of the parking spaces at the bottom of the False Bay hill for it to make any sense to try to proceed at this time to implement this, in spite of the obvious danger and risk when there are vehicles crowding the area waiting to buy gas and drive on and off the dock, and people (including young ones) mingl

Need Ride to French Creek Sunday Morning

Hello,  I am looking for a ride for Monique Nordine on Sunday morning.  She needs to be in French Creek by 11 AM to be able to attend her next performance.  Please give me a call - 250-792-5000 if you are going over on Sunday.  She is willing to pay for the ride.  Thanks. Kathy

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The Big Hoax

I don't have the source for this, but wanted to share.  Hoping the original author would see the value in spreading this meme....

What if climate change is just a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

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The Earth Spirit Returns

The Earth Spirit left us 2 years ago, as it needed to go to hospital, the Creation Light Ship. It had only 2-3% of its original energy remaining and could no longer stay in its integrity. The Creation Light Ship searched around and found another 27% of Earth’s original pieces. The rest had to be recreated from its original blueprint template.

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Goodbye Telus!

IF your home is covered by Rogers cell network, there is now a viable, affordable alternative to the Telus landline,

It's called the Rogers Wireless Home Phone.  NOT trying to sell anyone on this - just wanted to share our experience using it for a month now.

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