Call/ email about Bill C-51 while we still can

Bill C-51 - The Bill that would silence us, and move us into an era of fear, is nearing approval with the feds! This week MP's  are home, and could receive your message before they fly off to make a final decision about this. Please call or write them with your strong objection.  I've written an article with research on this Bill currently in the Powell River Peak: 


Basket Workshops 2015

Stay tuned for the upcoming 2015  summer basket workshop schedule.

Welcome to the LIAS blog

In an effort to communicate more effectively with our members and to document technical and procedural processes important for directors and technical support staff and volunteers, LIAS will be posting important information here.  Stay tuned...

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Freezing Weather and Water Jackets!

If you heat water with your woodstove, you need to be aware of the potentially explosive force of steam - if water heated in the jacket has nowhere to go, it can explode with the force of dynamite!  Here's a compelling example from Gabriola:

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