cabbage white butterfly


 Cabbage White (Pieris rapae)

A medium-sized, chalk-white or very pale yellow butterfly with charcoal wing tips and 2-3 small black dots in the centres of the wings.  Peaks in May and again in mid-summer.

yes">         Commonly called a "cabbage moth", because people want garden pests to be moths, not butterflies. But these are in fact butterflies, a European import to North America, introduced into Quebec in about 1860. They co-exist well with cultivated cabbage-family crops. If you have the leaf-green larvae in your garden, and do not want them, PLEASE HAND-PICK, DO NOT USE Bt OR ANY OTHER PESTICIDE except possibly soap. Bt kills the larvae of all butterflies and moths, and cabbage whites have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to DDT and other pesticides used against them in the past. 


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