April's Our Isle & Times is in your Lasqueti Mailbox

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Spring has sprung and our cover celebrates an age old tradition as well as the start of a new one!

The Last Word is all about tradition Lasqueti-style and all newcomers are especially invited to take the message to heart.

Spring also means garden season and Gord again provides timely tips to get you growing!

A Letter to the Editor provided fertile ground for resolving numerous current on-island issues while Lasqueti's LTC may also be responding to Spring by showing signs of life at their last meeting.  The focus of that meeting, the Scottie Bay dock rezoning application, is also reported on to help us all understand the background leading up to it as well as how it does or does not fit into our current Official Community Plan (OCP).

Lasqueti has been put into a new electoral area for the next Provincial election in October and Brian Peckford highlights a debacle over Denman Island's Dr. Stephen Malthouse.

And most importantly in the realm of birthing new life, Jenni Beth and Justin have welcomed their first born into the world!  Congratulations to all three and next month will Jen on Men will be back with the first in a series of articles that are highly relevant to her new son.

Hopefully the newborn will be reading Anicca's NVC column (or is it our parents that need to?)...he can wait a bit for this month's recipe (but if you like bread, you won't want to!).

There's another crossword to challenge you, more timely jokes and inspiring quotes, a couple of cartoons, a Babylon Bee, another "Name This Product" and the Quote of the Month was literally uttered mere days ago!

Here are some handy email addresses to follow up your read with:
isleandtimes [at] lasqueti [dot] ca

And some useful and relevant websites:

Note that the websites about the Connected Coast Fibre Optic Cable that is coming to Lasqueti are below because the public comment period is coming to an end on April 6!  Let them know (via https://comment.nrs.gov.bc.ca/applications?id=65ba74fbac9c740022df2cc9#d...) what you think while it's fairly quick and easy...



PS. As always, any and all feedback is welcomed!  Just call our 24/7/365 toll-free hotline whenever the urge strikes at 877-873-1797...I look forward to hearing from you!


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