Election Thanks

I'd like to congratulate Mikaila Lironi on her election as our new Islands Trustee, and to thank everyone who supported me as well. I look forward to working with Mikaila this term! Thanks to everyone who got out and voted, it is great to see such a turnout, and so much involvement in our local government. Thanks also to all of the candidates who ran, you helped build interest and community engagement in this election, which is a very good thing. It was nice to see a big turnout at the All Candidates meeting, and thanks are due to the LCA crew that put a lot of effort into making it work so smoothly. And last but not least, thanks to our election workers for running the polls with integrity and dedication, I hope you are resting well today after your late night counting the votes and compiling the results. Finally, I'd like folks to consider putting their names forward when the Local Trust Committee seeks expressions of interest for the Advisory Planning Commission. The APC serves an important role which helps your Trustees make better decisions. 
Tim Peterson


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