Vote on Saturday

Tomorrow is voting day, get out and vote!


Elections for Local Island Trustees and School Board Trustees, this Saturday, October 15th, 2022.  The polling place is the community hall, from 8 am til 8pm.

Under the Local Government Act, ALL ELECTORS MUST PRODUCE TWO (2) PIECES OF IDENTIFICATION pieces of identification before receiving their ballot.  The elector may produce two documents that provide evidence of their identity and place of residence, and at least one of these documents must contain their signature,  OR the elector may produce two documents that provide evidence of their identity (one of which contains their signature) and make a solemn declaration as to their place of residence within the meaning of Local Government Act Section 67 AND signing a Declaration of Residency.

ACCEPTABLE IDENTITY CARDS: health card;  hospital card;  social insurance card;  birth certificate;  driver’s licence;  Provincial identification card;  Canadian passport;  certificate of Indian Status;  credit/debit card with elector name;  Canadian Forces identity card;  Veterans Affairs Canada health card;  employee card issued by an employer;  Old Age Security identification card;  public transportation card;  student ID card; library card; liquor identification card;  Canadian Blood Services card;  fishing or hunting licence; firearms acquisition card;  firearms possession card;  wildlife identification card; outdoors cards and licences; local community service centre card.

If you have any questions about the voting qualifications you can call:
Melinda Auerbach Deputy Chief Election Officer


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