Recording of All-Candidates meeting

A video recording of the All-Candidates meeting held at the Community Hall is available at

If you are searching through the video and were not at the meeting, it will help for you to know that responding began with the next in line, and the direction alternated. This will make sense if you watch the first couple of questions.

These times are from the transcript and audio recording available at 

Note:  if you click on this link, you will probably be told that you are not logged in.  Copy the link into your browser, and it should work for you.

You should be able to judge and adjust the times to work for the You Tube video recording

3.36  opening remarks

16.58  Will you change the OCP draft? before it goes to public hearing?

22.36  If you were elected, who would you like to be the other elected trustee?

25.41  Given that any elected official has the obligation to work in the system that they are elected to, what are you prepared to do to try and limit the growth of the islands trust bureaucracy? And will you be willing to reach out to other islands trust counselors about this issue?

32.33  Every candidate among you will claim representing Lasqueti's interest as a top priority. So when you are faced with a decision that violates a deeply held personal principle, or political conviction, yet is supported by a clear majority of lasqueti residents, Will you act and vote to represent majority community wishes or Will you stand by your personal principles and convictions?

37.56  So this question from one of the audience members, they would like to know if if you have any ideas on solving solving the worsening long term problem of people leaving their vehicles in the false Bay Area for months?

44.43  If elected, how will you interact with staff of islands trust?

51.13  Do you believe that climate change should be declared an emergency? And if so, what do you propose to do in order for us to adapt to the changes on Lasqueti and to mitigate the risks? I'm very concerned that we are very vulnerable here and that we could be faced with serious disaster.

58.10  Why do you choose to live on Lasqueti and not somewhere else?

1:03.09  Do you think it's important to participate in trust council committees? And if so, why?

1:08.19  What is your view of truth and reconciliation?

1:15.03  How many times have you attended the islands trust meetings?

1:25.25  A claim has been made that some candidates want to be part of government to rely on the salary, please comment and provide your motivation for running for this position.

1:30.50  What would you vision to help with the lack of rental property on island and or helping young people to get established on island?

1:38.40  closing remarks


Emily's notes/minutes from the meeting are in the attached PDF file.

Lots of appreciation to Ian Rusconi and the LCA directors/executive for all their work.

all-candidates_meeting_sept_30_2022.pdf135.27 KB


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