Islands Trust Candidate Statement

Hello fellow islanders,

For any who do not know me, my name is Tim Peterson, and I am standing for re-election as an Island Trustee. As a 45 year resident, I am committed to this community, and have volunteered as a Board member of the Last Resort Society and the Lasqueti Community Association, as well as organizing local events such as Lasqueti Day, Rockshow, and the Winter Wednesday Socials, for many years. I have been a small business owner on the island, as well as a working person, and I understand the challenges of island life.  I am a strong and consistent supporter of maintaining local autonomy, both at the Local Trust Committee level, and at Trust Council.

Thanks in great measure to the work of the LCA’s OCP Steering Committee, involving so many residents, the comprehensive review of our Official Community Plan has seen an unparalleled level of community engagement, and I will continue to support a high level of local input as the project reaches completion in the next term. It is important to ensure that our OCP expresses the intent of islanders for our community’s future, as it will be many years before another such review is possible. Following its completion, our Land Use Bylaw will need to be examined to ensure that it aligns with the goals of our OCP.

At the Trust Council level, it is a time of evaluation and change. With the release of the Governance and Management Review in March, Trust Council has committed to working toward a more efficient and effective governance model. The Islands Trust Policy Statement Review is also ongoing, and it is very important with respect to its potential impacts on local autonomy. I view the coming term as pivotal for Trust Council, and believe it is very important to have effective and engaged representation at the Trust Council table.

I am committed to representing the interests of all islanders as your Trustee, and I value the opinions and concerns of community members. I will continue to listen thoughtfully and consider diverse points of view in all decision making. I am happy to discuss local issues as well as those of the wider Trust Area, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

There will be an all candidates meeting this Friday, September 30th, 7 PM at the community hall. It's a great opportunity to meet your candidates and ask questions.

tpeterson [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca  or 250-607-6094


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