Voting information for October 15 local elections

This is the text of a two-page information sheet on voting in our local government election. To see the original, click on the attachment below. The original is written for Powell River. This text is adapted for Lasqueti Island.



Election day is Saturday, October 15, 2022

Why vote?
In the last local municipal election, candidates needed at least 1800 votes to get elected
(based on the number of people who ran at that time). And according to the 2021 census,
there are approximately 1320 people aged 18-29 living in the region.
This means that if young people – and others who are left out of the conversation –
do vote, it will have a really big impact!

Who can vote?
In order to vote, you must be:

18 years of age or older on general voting day,
A resident of BC for at least six months immediately before
the day registering to vote (April 14, 2022),
A resident of Lasqueti Island Local Trust Area
A Canadian citizen, and
Not disqualified under the Local Government Act, or any other
enactment, from voting.

Where can I vote on Election day: Saturday, October 15, 2022?

Lasqueti Community Hall, 8am to 8pm

- Advanced poll Wednesday, October 5, Community Hall, 8am to 8pm

- By mail in advance (contact: election2022 [at] powellriver [dot] ca or 604.485.8063 before
4pm on Oct 7). Mail-in ballots must be received by October 15th.

What do I bring?

Two pieces of ID (one must have signature), such as:

BC driver’s license
BC Services Card
BC ID Card
Vehicle insurance papers
Birth certificate
Social Insurance Number card
Utility bills (ie. electricity, internet)
Credit or debit card

W H A T ' S  S T O P P I N G  Y O U ?

I'm not available that day
You can vote in advance or by mail

I don't have an address

If you don't have a permanent address or proof of address, you
can sign a 'solemn declaration'. These will be available at voting stations. You will still
need two pieces of ID (one with a signature).

 I'm a student, living out of town

Students can vote in EITHER the place they live for school, or their home address.

Election day is Saturday, October 15, 2022

More voter information can be found here:



voter_info_sheet_for_sharing.pdf52.22 KB


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