Lasqueti Day Thanks

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Parade!

Congratulations to the Silly Boat Racers!
1st Place: Just Go- Akili, Vida, Ilah, Lilou
2nd Place: Mud Bay Titanic - Rene, Jayne, Kayla West 
3rd Place: Ducttapeless- Kahilo
4th Place: Boatie McFloatie Face- Jennie Beth
Many thanks to our local prize sponsors:
Provisions Camino Cochrane Lasqueti Hotel, Lasqueti T-shirt Co. Traci Thompson-McFeely 
Crystals & Chamomile Bonny Joy Sophia Rosenberg  Andrew Van der Meer  Mikyla Lironi   Sky & Matt, Josie Martens Rachel Churchill Carly Reisig Ingo, Shari White Old Douglas Farm, Jessica Slavik  Jessie McCooey  Jessica Hepper Sandika Joy Evergreen Emilia Carnesa 
Many thanks also to Dianna Maycock for posters and gift certificates!
What fun!


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