Response to Larry

I did suggest that a longer than normal period for the next AGM be in place because I felt that given the extreme possible outcome for LIAS, it was warranted it. Given that very few members had any idea of what was happening,most had not even had a chance to see your post, I felt that a bit of time would be needed for the board and membership to get their heads around the situation. 

The simple reality is that without you Larry, I don't think that LIAS could continue to exist.

However I did understand that this was important for you, That is why I directly asked you if you would be OK with a delay of 4 weeks, (and you did said yes), to give the membership time to come to understand the situation. If you had said no I would not have supported the idea for a longer delay.

 I hope that this clarifies why I suggested the 4 week time period. If what you want is a wholesale change in the way LIAS is run I don't think it can happen in just a couple of weeks. I'm not sure 4 weeks is even enough, but that is what we have and if LIAS is to continue to function, we all, as members will have to come to terms with it and figure out a way forward with you

I am hoping that that can happen.




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