Spring Bay Races- Lasqueti Yacht Club

Well that was fun.

Thanks to all who came out to make the Lasqueti Yacht Club Spring Bay Day a success. 

We estimate that there was well over 100 people on the beach having fun.

Thanks to all who helped out - Darwin, Susan and David on the food.
Louise, Erich, Rene, and Rick who did the registrations. 
All those who brought extra boats, boards, and jackets so all could have fun.

The Kids had a ton of fun and we will certainly be doing the kids fun portion again next year.

Thanks to Carly and Sharon for braving the cold water to run the swim events.

Thanks to Billy Forbes for the donation of float lines for the swim area.

Thanks to Joyce and Gus / Traci and Doug for running the safety boats.

And wasn’t it great to see the Club lasers out in the bay in their full colour.

Thanks to out fleet Captan Peter and his team for bringing them over to Spring Bay for the event.

Thanks to Don Dempster for signing up 5 new members (Yeah).

And Thanks to our Commodore Doug Dobbin for anything that needed doing. 

See you all next year,



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