Spring Bay Races

Saturday July 9Th. 2022
Saturday July 9Th. 2022

That’s the Date:  Put it on your Calendars!

This year we are extending the event and having “JUST FOR KIDS FUN EVENTS”.

Event will start at 1PM with registration beginning at 12:30.  Children’s Events will go first (approx.1 - 3:30 and Adult Races will start around 4 .

This event is open to Club Members and Non-Members alike. 

As always spectators are welcome to come watch and cheer participants on.

The children events will be led by Carly Papagiannis (swim instructor/lifeguard), so it should be a lot of fun. We will work out just what we will be doing based on the turn out and age ranges, but this is all about fun at the beach. 
We have kick boards for doing the swimming events.

We will also have some small open kayaks for youth races (maybe ages 12 to 15 depending on participants)

Any 16 year olds may compete with the adults if they want.

There will be Hot Dogs and Polish Sausage FOR SALE and available all day long from 1 to 5ish.

Please bring your own liquid refreshments.

We are adding one extra adult race  this year for the paddles boarders:  a longer paddle board race plus the regular sprint paddle board

Two Kayak races, relay and singles

All competitors in Paddle board and Kayak Races must wear a PFD, NO EXCEPTIONS

There will be 2 category’s for the kayaks - 10 feet and under, and over 10 feet.

We will also try to have extra boats and boards available for anyone who would like to take part but doesn’t have one.

We are looking for new competitors  this year to keep this event going.

Upon review of last years event, Sharon Chesham and Tony Deasey have been disqualified as they both broke the rules, they both missed the finish gate. ( OK Neither of them wants to compete this year so this is just an out for them). 
So it opens up the field for everyone else.

Remember this is a great event to be in and a great event to come and watch. Adults with mayhem on the beach, and kids playing and having fun.

More info will be coming soon.
Remember That’s Saturday July 9Th Starting at 1PM.


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