Ferry Committee Report LCA AGM 2022

The Ferry Committee is pleased to submit its report for the LCA AGM 2022.   


Since the last report submitted in 2021, Lasqueti Island and the ferry service, continued to deal with the Covid-19 situation.  It became evident that everyone was feeling the fatigue of such a long and unusual way of operating in the world.   For the most part, islanders endured and kept moving forward as we went through more waves of Covid-19.  


Unfortunately, with the fatigue from Covid rules and isolation, came some unruly behaviour and verbal assaults directed toward members of our ferry crew.  The crew was already stressed and challenged by many changing rules and responsibilities that were dictated by federal and provincial authorities.  The attacks by a few community members increased the burden of stress on the ferry crew.  At one point there was a risk to ferry service as a result of the continued aggressive verbal abuse, and disrespectful behaviour.  There were only two shifts of crews to operate the vessel, with no spare crew members.  Other ferry routes had been affected by Covid-19 illnesses among crew members, and Lasqueti Island was fortunate that this did not occur on its ferry route.  


The ferry is such a vital link to Lasqueti Island, and the community cannot afford to lose this service at any time.  As a community, let’s do our best to support one another and be respectful and tolerant, during challenging times, and at all times. 


There was a request by community members to outline what the formal complaint process was for the Lasqueti Island ferry service.  BC Ferries responded with the following information:


“ There are two options available for people to get feedback into WPM:


1.  Western Pacific Marine does have a general phone number for all queries on their website (see: https://www.wpm-1.com/). One can reach out that way.


2.  Alternatively, if someone can provide as many details on the complaint (exact nature & specifics of concern, who has a complaint and their contact info, etc) to Jan via email, he’s able to reach out to the company CEO, who will in turn reach out directly to discuss issues with the complainant. “


Captain Jan Brockhausen can be contacted as below:


Captain Jan Brockhausen

Director, Nautical Standards

Interim Marine Superintendent, Northern Islands and North Coast

Fleet Operations

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

jan [dot] brockhausen [at] bcferries [dot] com


The Ferry Committee would like to add that the first step in filing a complaint is to take the complaint to Captain Al Knapp.  If this step is not successful, or not possible, (e.g. the complaint concerns Captain Al Knapp), then the next step would be to proceed to step 1 as above.  

Please note: if a complaint is directed to Western Pacific Marine before speaking with Al Knapp, the head office will direct you to take that step first (with the above-noted exception).  

The address for Western Pacific Marine:

Vancouver Head Office, 501 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2W9, tel 604-681-5199 | fax 604-605-6006.  Sam Lee, Chief Financial Officer

sam [at] harbourcruises [dot] com tel 604-605-6018 | fax 604-605-6006


There are some fresh new faces among the Lasqueti Island ferry crew.  Let’s give them a warm welcome to our island.


The LCA Ferry Committee would like to thank the community for its continued support, and wishes everyone safe and happy travels.


Best Regards,

LCA Ferry Committee:


Sue Kristinsson: skristin44 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Tim Peterson: timpeterson24 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Peter Johnston: pjohnston [at] lasqueti [dot] ca 

Andrew Fall: andrew [at] gowlland [dot] ca 

Shelley Garside: shelley [at] garside [dot] ca


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