Truckers continue peaceful demonstration; Trudeau and MainStreamMedia attempt Coup d'etat; CCLA slams invocation; hacker exposed

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Monday morning before Trudeau and Freeland initiated the Emergency Act, The Honourable Brian Peckford and Tamara Lich held a Press Conference in Ottawa.

Their message is clear: there has been nothing violent, there is no danger to anyone, there are many children, elderly and disabled in the protest, and the crime rate has disappeared since the truckers arrived.  No mainstream media will tell you this nor do they show you any evidence of what the government claims.

See the Press Conference for yourself here:

Brian Peckford just issued an update: the Emergency Act is in place but the necessary Parliamentary approval by both House of Commons and Senate has not been done:

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association issued a clear, concise statement about the government's attempted invocation of the Emergencies Act: "The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act."

Hours and hours of unedited live stream coverage of what has happened and continues to happen on the streets of Ottawa can be found on youtube, twitter and RebelNews.  Nowhere will you find anything that could be remotely called violent.  Children, elders, all nations, all abilities, having the time of their lives even though it was below freezing most of the time.  Here are two excellent sources:

The Border Blockades have been taken down: in Windsor, the police ended it Sunday night, while in Coutts, Alberta, the truckers ended it Tuesday morning after RCMP sabotaged 3 excavators on private property, after the owners moved them away from the highway at the RCMP's request.  Hundreds of Thousands of dollars of damage.

The scenes of the protestors and truckers leaving the area show what these people were there for, hugging the police as they can see for yourself at the end of this short video:

This was after big announcements about a mass arrest of 11; no names, charges or evidence has been released linking to the protesters.  Jason Kenney lied in a press conference and the RCMP directly exposed Kenney's lie:

The person who hacked the GiveSendGo site and exposed thousands of donor's personal information just before Chrystia Freeland announced that she was instructing banks to freeze bank accounts related to the Trucker Convoy has been discovered...he couldn't help but expose himself:

Don't believe the Mainstream Media is collaborating?  Any TV coverage will expose their lies, but here's one of the most outrageous:

And from the last unarrested organizer, at a press conference, Tom Marazzo speaks. It's 43 minutes...if you really want to know what was going on and what they tried to do, give it a was held Saturday afternoon. Highlights:


  • He doesn't tell anyone what to do (unlike the government)
  • Truckers are encouraged to leave; it makes no sense to be human punching bags for police.
  • They had a deal with the City of Ottawa to relocate trucks to lessen the impact on residents; when the Emergency Act was invoked, the police said that that deal was off the table.
  • This is a grassroots movement that will regroup and continue; everyone can hold their heads high.


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