When I lived in Japan ....

When I lived in Japan for a year in the 1980’s it was normal for people to wear masks to work and out in the community, as a way to be polite to others and not accidentally expose them to their mucus droplets or vapour. I am pretty sure that’s how I got COVID or whatever that awful 'bug' was, from a far flung projectile sneeze, and unfortunately my lungs are still not back to ‘normal'. 

I have been wearing a mask in public spaces since the start of the Pandemic (before it was mandated) as a way to protect myself and others.

Watch this Music Video: Mask it or Casket by SFH ….  

Wearing a mask is a very polite and simple thing to do, but I'm not going to drive to Ottawa and park on Parliament Hill to blow my horn over it.  Peace.




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