Brishti Basu from Capital Daily

Event Date: 
Thursday, February 3, 2022 - Saturday, February 5, 2022


My name is Brishti Basu and I’m a reporter at Capital Daily ( an online publication based in Victoria, BC, and formerly at the Tyee (  I’ve been deeply immersed in covering the COVID-19 pandemic—and everything that comes with it—at a regional level over the past two years.

Recently, I’ve been made aware of how COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates have caused some division within your community (as it has across the country and around the world) and I’m interested in talking to people who live on Lasqueti Island and learning more about the different perspectives at play here.

My colleague, Zoe Ducklow, and I plan to visit the island and stay there for two nights, on February 3-5 so we can immerse ourselves in the culture of the community and hear from residents directly. If you are interested in sharing your views and experiences, I’d love to meet and talk to you when we’re there. Please reach out to me at brishti [at] capitaldaily [dot] ca so we can introduce ourselves and set up a date/time to talk.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my request, and I look forward to visiting your beautiful island!


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