Powdered Laundry Detergent

Thank you to the very many people who responded to my desire to find powdered laundry detergent, without water or (mostly) a plastic container.  Here is a summary of the information I've received and discovered.

Many grocery stores are likely to have one or two powdered laundry detergents, but they're probably located on the lowest shelf, almost out of sight. Powdered detergents tend to clean clay, dirt and grass stains better than liquid ones.  The liquid detergents tend to clean grease and oil stains better.

If you or your machine prefer liquid detergent, look for a refill opportunity rather than buying a new plastic container each time. If your machine uses cold water and has difficulty dissolving powder, you can dissolve it in a little warm water and pour it into the dispenser.

The links and stores mentioned are not endorsements. Look at convenient stores, and consider asking them to bring in a product that you'd like to buy, especially in bulk. 


Enviro Wash lemon scented or unscented .5kg $10, 1kg $16, 2kg 26, 4kg $44, 22.7kg $209.  1kg = ~40 loads in traditional machines, 66 in HE ones - 25-60ml/load in traditional, 15ml (1 tablespoon) in HE machines

Sunburst Laundry Detergent  2kg $22, 4kg $36 only for standard washing machines  (not HE)

both in a plastic bucket; made in Canada (but I don't know where)

Soap Exchange Country Club Centre,  #100 - 3200 North Island Highway, Nanaimo  



Tru Earth Laundry Strips  32 loads/strips for $20 free mail delivery (you can subscribe and save) also available at Coast & Cottages, 109 Craig St and Pharmasave in Parksville and reportedly Qualicum/Quality Foods


manufactured in Canada, I think in BC


Country Save HE laundry detergent 2.27kg  $12 London Drugs (~40 loads)

available at London Drugs, Overwaitea and Save On Foods

made in Arlington, Washington State



VIP Soap Products Ltd.

Granny's  1kg $11.99,  4kg/133 loads $43.16  HE  scent free

VIP ultra 1kg $10,  3.5kg/57 loads  $35.82  scent free   (contains washing soda/soda ash)

Made in Mission, BC



Nellie's Laundry Soda   bulk  $13/kg

The Refillery, 309 Wesley St. Nanaimo   also available in stores, in pouch, bucket or tins of various sizes  It seems to be mostly used in addition to laundry detergent, but some use it on its own.


https://www.nelliesclean.ca/      HQ in North Vancouver


A do-it-yourself suggestion: make your own laundry detergent from horse chestnuts 




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