Water licenses

Do you need to register your well or apply for a water license? Here's what you need to know. Domestic users do not need licenses. Definition of domestic use  included below.


This is the section which defines domestic use:

Water use purposes

2  The following defined purposes are the purposes in respect of which water may be diverted from a stream or an aquifer:


"conservation purpose" means the diversion, retention or use of water for the purpose of conserving fish or wildlife and includes the construction of works for that purpose;

 "domestic purpose" means the use of water for household purposes by the occupants of, subject to the regulations, one or more private dwellings, other than multi-family apartment buildings, including, without limitation, hotels and strata titled or cooperative buildings, located on a single parcel, including, without limitation, the following uses:

(a)drinking water, food preparation and sanitation;

 (b)fire prevention;

 (c)providing water to animals or poultry kept
 (i)for household use, or
 (ii)as pets;

 (d)irrigation of a garden not exceeding 1 000    m2 that is adjoining and occupied with a dwelling;


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