Temporary Home for Marti

Marti Wendt lost her house Friday to a fire. One of the challenging things will be finding her a place to live on-island while she rebuilds. Eventually, she will be wanting to replenish things like seeds and recipes, but please put on your thinking caps and let's find her a temporary home first. Ideally we can present her with a couple of options to choose from. Please keep in mind that she'd prefer no or minimal stairs, so no lofts, and that the timeline for rebuilding remains unclear, so the longer the availabity the better. Also, it would be helpful if off island owners  are contacted prior to making suggestions. I'm compiling a list of possiblilities, so feel free to email me: timpeterson24 [at] yahoo [dot] com or text 250-607-7094 if you have any hot leads.  Thank you all for your help!


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