Monday Lasqueti Trust Committee live-streamed

LTC Chair Peter Luckham is bringing over equipment to live-stream the Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting, which starts at 11am at the Health Centre.  If  you want to watch and listen to the meeting, go to the meeting information page -  There should be a link there to join the live-stream.  Unfortunately, there is no way for you to participate or contribute to the meeting, unless you attend it at the Health Centre.  I hope that by our next meeting, in December, we will be able to accommodate people who want to attend and contribute to the meeting via the internet or a telephone. This is definitely in the works, though it might take some time to make all the arrangements.

A video recording of the meeting will be available for you to watch a few days after the meeting, probably by the end of the week, or early next week.

Any questions or comments, please contact one of the trustees.   


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