Fairy Creek information and update

Interesting article comparing Fairy Creek now to Clayoquot Sound 28 years ago.  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-is-fairy-creek-the-clayo...


The week of September 13-17 at the BC Supreme  Court in Duncan, four applications for injunctions or changes and challenges to them will be heard. Court hearings are open to the public, but space is limited.

Teal Cedar, that holds the license to log in TFL 46, is seeking a one-year extension and continued RCMP enforcement of their current court injunction that expires on September 26. They argue that anarchy will ensue, and they will suffer losses. Opponents have filed arguments that an extension of the injunction will cause more harm than good.

Rainforest Flying Squad members are challenging the RCMP use of exclusion zones, which were ruled as going too far on July 20. They are asking that the court declare exclusion  zones to be illegal.   The allegation that the RCMP is in contempt of court will be argued at another time.

The RCMP is asking that the court mandate their use of exclusion zones and be able to search all people and vehicles attempting to enter the exclusion zone. On July 20, the court ruled that the RCMP has a duty to arrest anyone violating the order, i.e., anyone blocking access, but not to proactively prevent people who haven't yet violated the order. The Attorney General of Canada, on behalf of the RCMP, is asking for a change to the injunction that would give the RCMP authority to "deny entry to anyone carrying materials that could be used in breach of the injunction or anyone who denies permission for the search," and for the power to limit entry overnight or at periods between active enforcement.

Two individuals concerned about safety of people at Fairy Creek (Warren Kimmet is one of them) are asking for a number of additions to the order. One is that RCMP should follow standard workplace safety regulations when extracting and removing people who have placed themselves in hard blocks or other structures. They are also challenging the seizure and destruction of personal property, the towing and removal of vehicles, and more.


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