help needed to remove dead boats and large marine debris from Lasqueti area

Apologies  for such a short notice, due to this provincial program being new there has been a few hitches. 

Our crews will be out starting our surveys for Dead Boats in Comox on Tuesday, July 20 to July 25th Working through the islands trust islands 

A number of Dead Boats and large marine Debris have been identified in the islands in and around Lasqueti Island from the local residents, we need to verify these reported Dead Boats and survey for more. 

Been trying for a number of years to get here and work with the community. On removal, our partners are equipped with the necessary equipment to remove vast quantities, due to the expense we would like to get it all at one time. 

We are in need of a base near the water for housing or camping for 6 people, for 3 to 4 days, have tried your local rentals but due to the season most are booked. 

Also if possible a few people to guide us and transport if possible our small vessels to known problem areas for our small boats. We use a lot of drones for surveying and then we must view and proof for seizure for Transport Canada Receiver of Wrecks 

We have a budget not a big one, if anyone can help to coordinate or put us in touch who 

Also I will need a place on Lasqueti starting the week of the 15th for setting up and some pre surveys. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated 

Many Thank you's 


John R Roe 

Office 250  383 2086

Cell 1 250 538 2120

The Dead Boat Disposal Society

Dead Boat Disposal Society and Salish Sea Industrial join Songhees Nation in the Salish Sea Indigenous Marine Stewardship Project to remove 100 abandoned vessels from waters off our Salish Sea.

$2-million from the province of BC’s Clean Coast Clean Waters Initiative supports this nine-month project.

Songhees Nation invites all south Island Nations to participate with them to build workforce capacity as stewards of the Salish Sea. Reigniting historic ties among Indigenous communities to promote and strengthen skills development in the marine industry and marine conservation is the underlying goal.


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