Islands Trust Policy Statement

The proposed Trust Policy Statement revision will be up for First Reading at a special meeting in July. There has been a bit of confusion and some conflicting statements are making the rounds as to what all this means. I hear that we may get an island mailing from some concerned citizens from other islands about the process, and the content of the revision. The good news is more people are reading the draft and getting engaged in the process. The several versions I have seen on social media contain some facts, some speculation, and some misinformation. For those who are unsure about the process, here’s a quick synopsis.

*First Reading: Tabling  *Second Reading: Discussion in principle  *Third Reading: Final discussion including any changes  *Final Adoption: Assent

In terms of public participation and consultation, I note that the Lasqueti website has a post from Peter dated May 28 2019, announcing the beginning of the process. The Islands 2050 project was part of the public consultation for this revision, and the process mandates a wider public process, as well as referrals to agencies and First Nations, following First Reading. I expect that the Islands Trust will be issuing information on some of the concerns being shared online in the next few days. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions, I would be happy to find the answers.

Tim tpeterson [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca


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