Lasqueti Island booking June 4, 2021 for COVID-19 Vaccine Second Dose Clinics

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Friday, June 4, 2021

Residents of Lasqueti Island - Booking into COVID-19 Vaccine Second Dose Clinics

Island Health’s immunization team will return to Lasqueti Island to conduct COVID-19 vaccine clinics on June 25 and 26 to provide second doses, along with first doses for those who have not yet been vaccinated, including 12-17 year olds.

Residents who have received their second dose booking notice will be able to begin booking in to this clinic beginning Friday, June 4 at 12 noon. Please follow the link from the text or email you received inviting you to book your second dose after Friday at noon.

If you had your first dose more than 8 weeks ago and have not received a notification to book your second dose, you may not be registered in the provincial vaccination booking system. Please register by going to call 1-833-838-2323.

Please note that we will try our best to provide the same brand of mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) for second doses that were used for first doses, but due to supply issues it may not always be possible. It is both safe and effective to use Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines interchangeably.

More information on getting your second dose, or learn more about vaccines available in BC.

For more information about the provincial registration system or how to get vaccinated for COVID-19 visit the BC government website.

For information on Island Health’s Whole Community Clinics visit the Island Health website.

For information on Island Health’s ongoing vaccine clinics visit the Island Health website.

If you have questions about Island Health’s clinics in your region please contact Kristen Gregson, Area Director, Central Island Immunization Clinics, at Kristen [dot] Gregson [at] viha [dot] ca or 250-217-5939.


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