qRD Media Release: qathet Regional District Adopts Interim Emergency Dispatch System for Lasqueti Island

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Lasqueti Island, BC – At its April 29, 2021 qathet Regional Board (qRD) meeting, the Regional Board adopted the implementation of Amended Option C as an interim emergency dispatch solution for Lasqueti Island.

“Reliable access to emergency assistance is imperative for all residents in our region. After extensive research and review, I am pleased a temporary solution has been found to offer Lasqueti Island residents and the qathet Regional District greater peace of mind and security,” said Chair Patrick Brabazon.

To implement Amended Option C, the qRD has contracted Northern 911 to provide live operator dispatch services for emergency services on island. The Northern 911 dispatch centre will provide a live operator 24/7 to receive emergency calls and to dispatch responders on Lasqueti Island.

For the time being, Lasqueti Island residents should continue to use the current emergency calling procedures. The qRD, Northern 911 and the Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department will be undergoing an implementation phase this spring in order to ensure system readiness. Once the system is effective, the qRD will notify the public through media releases, and by posting on Lasqueti.ca. Residents are encouraged to check for official updates as the transition to the new dispatching system begins.

“The success of dispatch services and radio coverage communication are crucial for safe and effective emergency response by Lasqueti Island first responders and fire fighters,” said Lasqueti Island Director, Andrew Fall. “Contracting of dispatch services to Northern 911 provides a great interim solution, while the Regional District works toward a more permanent dispatch system for Lasqueti Island.”

For more information on the Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department, please visit qathet.ca.

Ryan Thoms, Manager of Emergency Services
#202-4675 Marine Avenue Powell River, BC, V8A 2L2
qathet Regional District
rthoms [at] qathet [dot] ca www.qathet.ca

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Regional District

Lasqueti Island is part of the qathet Regional District. A regional district is set up to provide different services in different areas according to the needs and desires of each area’s residents and property owners. Only those who receive the service pay for it.


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