Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting Monday 9:30am

To join in to the LTC meeting, starting at 9:30am on Monday, April 26, use these links:


Link to join the meeting 

Join by phone toll free: 833 955 1088 or 833 958 1164 
     *9 to raise hand *6 to unmute
Webinar ID: 621 3151 9753

Live Stream (to watch only):


This information comes from


Agenda cover (3 page summary of topics on the agenda) is available at


Agenda package (167 pages of reports and details about what’s on the agenda and due to be discussed)   is at


Agenda addendum (2 pages of additional material) is at


Major topics to be discussed are:


Trustee and chair and qRD director reports, delegation on Lasqueti sheep by Tom Weinerth, Town Hall session (about 10am), Official Community Plan revision and process (the major item for the meeting), Pete’s Lake Water Project report, potential future projects (Lasqueti shoreline, Scottie Bay & Introduction materials for newcomers); Snaw-naw-as Woodland License; possible early intervention prior to bylaw complaints.  There will be a portion of the meeting closed to the public to discuss labour relations, adopt in-camera minutes, receive legal advice, and “considering Information received and held in confidence relating to negotiations between the Islands Trust, Provincial Government and Third Party”.


If you have questions or concerns before the meeting, please let me or Tim or our chair, Peter Luckham know.


I’ll send out an informal report shortly after the meeting.   Peter


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