Local Trust Committee meeting

I have sent the following message to the Local Trust Committee regarding the Townhall session of our most recent meeting. Public participation is a vital component of the decision making process, and I apologize to any members of the public who wished to speak, but were not able to.

"I have been hearing some concerns about the Townhall session of our October 5th meeting. Attendees who wished to speak may have experienced technical problems, and at least one mentioned that it went so quickly, they were not sure that it had occurred.

I would like to request that in further Townhall sessions, the Chair clearly explain the process for attendees to speak, both via internet or phone, and ensure that a couple of minutes are given for attendees to figure out how to do so.

We need to be mindful that many of the public will not be familiar with the technical aspects of the electronic format, and ensure that they have the correct information and time to speak to the LTC. Perhaps a short script detailing the ways to raise a hand could be read at the beginning of each Townhall session, and a specific waiting period allocated, to help facilitate public participation."

Tim Peterson


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