Open burning prohibition rescinded

The Coastal Fire Center has rescinded the open burning prohibition effective at noon Friday, September 25th. This means that campfires, category 2 fires and category three fires (with permit) are all allowed.

Anyone who lights a fire must comply with B.C.’s air quality control legislation. The BC Wildfire Service also urges people to take the following precautions with any permitted outdoor burning. Human-caused wildfires are completely preventable and divert critical resources away from lightning-caused fires.
• Ensure that enough people, water and tools are on hand to control the fire and stop it from escaping.
• Do not burn in windy conditions. The weather can change quickly, and wind may carry embers to other combustible material and start new fires.
• Create a fireguard around the planned fire site by clearing away twigs, grass, leaves and other combustible material.
• Never leave a fire unattended.
• Make sure that the fire is fully extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch before
leaving the area for any length of time.

Be safe and fire smart

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