MP/MLA info

I have been in contact with our MP Gord Johns and MLA Michelle Stilwell, expressing some concerns around essential services. While the Provinces are taking the lead role in terms of response, both Johns and Stilwell are taking note and are aware of our unique situation here. 
MLA Stilwell wrote "I want you to know that I’ve sent inquiries to the province about preparations for air ambulance/medi-vac capacity, as well as about the ferry service to Lasqueti Island." 
She also mentioned the new Provincial Supply Chain Coordination Unit to co-ordinate goods and services distribution; taking a more active role in coordinating essential goods and services movement by land, air, marine and rail.
Both Stilwell and Johns have let me know that concerns or inquiries about Provincial or Federal programs and services are welcomed at their offices, including questions about the recently announced financial assistance programs.
MLA Stilwell's office is 250-248-2625
MP Johns office is 250-947-2140

Please feel free to contact me if you have other concerns that you want to share. Tim 250-607-7094


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