Services for delivery on Lasqueti (grocery pick-up from ferry, etc.)

Info on delivery of goods and services on Lasqueti

Pickup from Lasqueti ferry at False Bay, and delivery to you

Volunteer Delivery Details from Coordinator Sylvia St. Ledger:

There are a few people willing to pick up groceries from the ferry or drinking water, and bring to your home if you are self-isolating having just returned to Canada, or if you’re elderly or immune-compromised.

  • Izzy (Sheila Harrington) is looking after people south of the community hall (250 248 7914; sheharrington at
  • Martin is going to look after people between town and north of the hall (250 937 0894; reidy.martinj at
  • Carly R will be looking after the North end (604 997 0308; carlyreisig at
  • Sylvia St. Ledger will be picking up groceries when volunteers are not available and /or can bring clean drinking water to anybody isolating that normally relies on the pub water room but cannot leave their home right now (250 937 1404; sylviadublin at


This service works as follows:

  1. You arrange for groceries to be delivered to the ferry at French Creek (e.g. order your groceries online or through someone on Vancover Island, such as Pia Lironi).
  2. You get in touch with the volunteer covering your area.
  3. Your groceries will be picked up and left outside your home.
  4. Your water jugs must be sanitized please before being picked up and will be filled in a scrupulously clean fashion, ensuring tap is disinfected first, and then dropped outside your home.
  5. You can either leave cash in an envelope to cover freight costs ($2.50 per box) or you can e-transfer your volunteer. E-transfers are best as no handling of cash is involved but we can deal with cash in a sanitary manner also if it’s easier.

We're hoping that people will kindly add a few extra $ to cover your volunteers gas costs but if you can’t afford to, that’s totally okay


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